Shaping the Future
Sustainable Leadership and Green Content

Creating a sustainable future that offers a good quality of life is a challenge to us all, whether as individuals, as businesses or as a society. Purely short-term thinking and the squandering of natural resources are being questioned. Events such as the financial and economic crisis or environmental catastrophes, and circumstances such as scarcity of natural resources or political upheavals have all sparked off far-reaching changes in the world economy. At this juncture, more women are assuming responsibility and power.

“Shaping the Future – Sustainable Leadership” is the topic of the 26th EWMD International Conference. Conference hosts are EWMD International, EWMD Germany and EWMD Hamburg, supported by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and Hamburg’s Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation. The conference offers women in leading positions a high-calibre platform for international dialogue, ideas and new contacts.

The conference is taking place in Hamburg, “European Green Capital 2011”. Hamburg is the second city in Europe to have received this award, following Stockholm in 2010. Sustainability is not only the topic of the conference but also the principle applied to all aspects of its organisation.