Juliane Chakrabarti 

Born 1951 in Hamburg
Divorced, living in a household with mother ( 89), daughter (40) , granddaughter (16) Member of organisation team of EWMD International Conference 2011 “Shaping the future”
Signatory of the “Nuremberg Resolution “

Professional training:
2000 - management in social organisations
1998 - social therapy  and treatment of addicts
1978 - MA in education 

Professional career:
Since 2001 - Member of the Executive Board  & Chairperson of an institution for addicts with fördern und wohnen AöR, a municipal organisation for the placement of the homeless, refugees, families with social problems and people with special needs,
1991-2001 chairperson of a drug counselling centre
1980-1991 different fields of social work

2010 EWMD International e.V. Treasurer
2007 member of organisation team of German conference “Zeit für die Zukunft”
2009 EWMD Hamburg e.V. Speaker of the Board
2006 EWMD Hamburg e.V. Member of the Board
2004 founding member of the Hamburg region